Production services

News Production

Our team of professional journalists keeps close eye on global and regional news. From video reports and features to documentaries; we cover all activities including political events, protests, rallies and human angle stories.  

Out Door Production

Our team of well-trained and well-equipped producers and camerapersons constitute a professional team. From mountains to deserts, markets to challenging terrains, if you have a story with an impact, we will be there. 


      • Advertising (indoor & Outdoor)
      • Printing
      • Social Media Marketing

We conduct interviews of political leaders, government officials, social activists and many others. We produces news packages news stories, SOTs etc.

Indoor Production

We are equipped with professional indoor studio facility, professionally equipped to cater all kinds of production facilitation like. 

      • TV
      • Radio
      • Print
      • Cable
      • online / social media services.