Media Training

Media training is a specialized form of communication, done through different electronic media platforms. Through professional working journalists, social media experts, branding experts and change makers; we refine your approach to meet the global audience through content creation tactics, strewn to the global audience.

Our media training modules enables aspirant communicators, journalists, social media influencers to maintain focus, foresee what is needed, create and identify stories with global audience interest, understand the art of presentation, script writing, on-camera and off-camera confidence and presence and most importantly, get the message across through engaging content, visuals and creativity.

Our training includes 

      • Traditional Media
      • Print Media
      • Electronic Media
      • Broadcast Media
      • Outdoor Media and Out of Home Media
      • Transit Media
      • Digital Media
      • Journalism
      • Conflict Journalism
      • Regional coverage
      • Media Production
      • Interpretation
      • Freelance Journalism